Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Panic

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Anxiety and panic can limit and severely disrupt many peoples lives and their effects can damage our health physically and emotionally. These feelings that arise, beyond any conscious control, can affect the way we do our jobs or form relationships, can influence the decisions we make in our social lives, where we go or what we feel comfortable or capable of achieving.
Hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic has been shown to be beneficial in moderating these learned responses in all kinds of situations.

The truth is that these reactions are instinctual, one of the very few that we are born with and have evolved to protect us and keep us safe. Faced with a hungry lion about to pounce this 'fight or flight reflex' bounces into action, blood is diverted to the limbs better enabling us to run or fight a threat, adrenaline surges and our instincts take over, there is no great conscious debate or thinking time in those situations; we just do what we have to do to more likely survive.

Of course when you are suffering the same reaction in an unthreatening situation, the anxiety and panic are an inappropriate and an unwanted response.

And there is a whole spectrum to anxiety.

Perhaps your anxiety is associated with specific situations such as public speaking, interviews, talking to the opposite sex, shopping in huge department stores etc.. Maybe your anxiety is more general and is characterised by over worrying or catastrophising, thinking the worst is going to happen, that you are not good enough to do this that or the other. It could be that your anxiety usually develops into 'anxiety attacks' or that it has never done so.

So how can hypnotherapy help with anxiety & panic

Well you were not born with this anxiety, it has developed either through particular traceable traumas or simply been learned over time. And anything learned or experienced can be moderated and improved upon.

At Hypnotherapy for Health we will begin by assessing your anxiety, your own unique experience of it. We will start to modify your automatic learned reactions and reprogram the 'anxiety trigger' in your mind. You will become more aware of your ability to choose how you feel, to be able to think more clearly and calmly. To stop 'anxiety attacks' when they occur. To expect things to be better, to become more confident and assured that you are safe and completely in charge of you.

You will more wonderfully be able to remain calm in those old situations that had previously initiated that anxiety and in general come to experience a more relaxed, less overwhelming, less tiring approach to life, able to flow and contend with all its ups and downs.

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