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Hypnosis is the process of relaxing the mind so much that the unconscious part of the mind is more to the fore, more accessible if you like.

The resulting 'hypnotic trance' which sounds a bit unusual belies the fact that the experience is a completely natural phenomenon that we each experience several times a day. It's a lot like daydreaming or being so engrossed in a movie or book that you lose yourself in the story.

The experience is very relaxing, enjoyable, often enlightening and very beneficial.

The unconscious part of the mind is the vast repository of all previous learning, memories & habits, it is the place from which emotions are born, it is the filter and funnel through which all of the information gathered by your senses is passed and just as a sideline it is the conduit through which all of your bodily functions are managed.

Your logically processing, thoughtful & creative conscious mind is mighty clever, but it's genius is dwarfed by the immense intelligence of your unconscious mind.

Recent studies are proving that the unconscious mind, far from being the rather dim-witted poor relation of the conscious mind, is in fact the prime mover and decision maker of our inner world.

Although we're unsure of where the unconscious or the conscious mind live, we are pretty sure the conscious lives up front and centre of the brain, the unconscious somewhere round the back.

FMRI scans of brain activity, have shown that once a decision is made, the front and centre part of the brain is actually the last part of the brain to get the message. Which means that we are now getting used to the idea that the unconscious mind has a profound effect on the way we feel, behave, how our bodies perform and the choices we make for ourselves.
Hypnotherapy uses the 'art of hypnosis' to allow clients to access this rich warehouse of everything that makes them them, and once there, to change or experience anew the bits they want to, in order to feel better. Feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Most usually the unconscious

mind is at odds with conscious awareness and the resulting conflict is what stops us achieving what we want very easily. Ever wanted to lose weight, it should be easy…..eat less & move more……couldn't be simpler, except that its not. For anyone struggling with this or smoking or any other habit or limiting belief there seems to be an almighty battle being waged between what we believe we're capable, or not, of achieving.

Hypnotherapists will help clients

to find and resolve the inner conflict, to think something new, to replace negative thoughts with beneficial thoughts, to train the brain to feel less pain, to overcome blocks to recovery, learn new coping strategies….honestly the list is endless because we all have our own baggage filled to the brim with our own unique perceptions, processes and experiences and sometimes forget that we have all the resources we need to think and feel better.
Truth is you will probably find out new things about yourself which will help you to enjoy living better and it will be my job to help you remember how much control and power you actually have to achieve all that you want.

And the fact is that deep down inside your unconscious mind, you are probably unaware that you know exactly what needs to change in order for you to feel better.

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