Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

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Hypnotherapy for weight loss takes a many pronged approach to the issue that faces a lot of us today. We all are aware of the potential and associated health risks of being overweight and yet somehow for a lot of us the ability to maintain a healthy eating regime remains out of reach.

And having someone tell us "Well, really it's ever so simple, just eat less and move more!" Does not help in the slightest, as if we were unaware of the simple mathematics of it all along.

Well, let's start with your food intake.

You may crave sweets and sugary things, or savouries laden with fat. Perhaps you eat too fast or too much or too often. You may feel hungry when you know you shouldn't be, never seem to feel full up or conversely eat until you are stuffed.

Did you know that when sitting down to a meal, someone with no weight issues will probably start eating their most favourite thing on the plate first, with the underlying knowledge somehow that if they are unable to finish the meal at least they've eaten the best bit. People who do have weight issues are more likely to leave their favourite part until last so that they are unconsciously compelled to finish the whole plate.

So part of hypnotherapy for weight loss will include suggestions that abate the cravings for the high fat, high sugary foods. Will modify the amount of food you eat by feeling full up sooner. To know that its okay to leave stuff on the plate, that waste is waste no matter if you put it in your mouth or in the bin.
I just wanted to let you know how amazing you are!! I have never touched a cheese and pickle sandwich or stopped at the chip shop for chips on the way home since my visit to you!! I have stopped for a fish without batter but I never have chips. I have only had a bit of a binge on two occasions and I didn’t enjoy either of them so I am never tempted to do it again. I am 3 pounds away from my target at Slimming World. You have kept me on track and I haven’t lapsed in to old habits, not even when I got back from my holiday (which is usually the case for me). I don’t even think about eating all the rubbish I used to eat and definitely don’t want to go back to eating like that. I feel so much better, I rarely have ‘off days’ and have lots more energy.
Mrs J ~ Durham

Secondly hypnotherapy for weight loss targets the emotional aspect of eating.

And usually this is the real heart of the matter. Boredom eating and comfort eating are the real culprits Im sure most of us will recognise we all indulge in to some extent. Stress and anxiety too play a part. Often stress can upset the stomach which can seem soothed by eating. And yet at the same time feeling stress affects the digestive system causing it to not work as efficiently. Feeling overweight and heavy, straining muscles and joints, feeling unattractive or self conscious all cause stress and the prevailing belief is that the bigger we get the harder and more arduous the climb back to feeling comfortable becomes.

And so we put it off...till tomorrow ....or the next day.....or the next day and so on.

Or we start a healthy eating/exercise plan and fail to keep it up....and we start again and fail again. A pattern that soon becomes ingrained in our thinking of "what's the point of starting a diet, I know whats going to happen."

So what we will achieve in clinic is to take care of the underlying issues that compel the unhealthy eating choices. Relieve the stress, increase motivation and self belief. Recognise that turning to food to combat boredom or negative feelings is a temporary patch at best and replace these old habits and thoughts with something more beneficial.

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