Scandal-just what you need

photo of Olivia Pope

So I make no qualms about it....I am literally hooked on box sets.
I would say figuratively if I didn't think this was actually becoming an obsession.
I am in a wholly American phase at the moment having devoured The Good Wife, Suits, the wonderful House of Cards, Making A Murderer, Jessica Jones....and I could go on...
But this is all about Miss Olivia Pope, the sassy, ultra loyal, indubitable, emotionally flawed fixer in Scandal.
Her gladiator staff somehow and very fantastically manage to survive each episode amongst a growing body count that easily rivals The Walking Dead, but no matter the impossible to see a way through situation Olivia handles high heels....fabulously.
But my favourite thing about Olivia is her catchphrase...because it's mine too.
With unambiguous intensity she demands of her clients "What Do You Need?" And for variety she may command with equal insistence "What Do You Want?"
Now I admit not one for the dramatic my own two variations on this theme are a little more therapeutically inquisitive when working with my clients...but the goal is just as life changing.

So tell me..."What Do You Need?