How digitally dependent are you?

Where are you on the DDI - the digital dependency index?


Five questions to work out just how dependent on your devices you have become. You might be surprised by what you discover!

a) In case of a fire in which order do you reach for the following? (choose one)

1. Child, partner, pet, phone.
2. Child, partner, phone, pet.
3. Child, phone, partner, pet.
4. Phone, child, partner, pet.

b) If you are or were to become single how would you meet other single people?

1. By striking up a conversations in shops or at parties.
2. By responding to ads in the dating section of newspapers.
3. By using an online dating service.
4. By using a location based dating and social discovery app on your smartphone.

c) How do you find your way around an unfamiliar place?

1. By relying on your partners infallible sense of direction.
2. By consulting a paper map.
3. By using GPS in your car.
4. By using the map app on your phone.

d) What is your preferred method of communicating some personal news with friends and relatives?

1. In person over a cup of tea or gin and tonic.
2. By letter writing.
3. By telephone.
4. By limiting yourself to 140 characters or posting to your Instagram.

e) How do you maintain or keep track of your fitness levels?

1. By noticing the size of the clothes you buy.
2. By checking the bathroom scales.
3. By monitoring the number of steps you've taken on your device of choice.
4. By obeying your smartwatch's command to stand up every hour.

Now add up the numbers you have chosen to arrive at your DDS (Digital Dependence Score)

1 to 5: Digitally Independent (DI): You have somehow managed to steer clear of the trappings of the digital age. This impressive feat must have been achieved through diligent conscious effort but might have come at the price of puzzled friends and family, they may even refer to you as The Luddite behind your back.

6 to 10: Mild Digital Dependency (MDD): You are not in total denial of the modern world. You have probably found a comfortable place for tech in your life, although you might sometimes be (inadvertently) excluded from social events...and are probably often confused by everyday conversation and social behaviours.

11 to 15: Borderline Digital Dependency (BDD): Digital technology has assumed an important role in your life. You might find however that you're glancing too often at your screen in company, and that a lengthy power cut might cause unexpected distress. From this position the slide into TTD is shorter than you think.

16 to 20: Total Digital Dependency: You are a digital junkie. The digital world (from your perspective) might already have supplanted the physical one. You might want to check if you still have a partner or that your friends actually exist. A long, disconnected walk in the park is advisable!

Ref: Taken from Derek Linzeys thoughts in Psychobook published by Redstone.