Hypnosis & Hot Flashes

a meme: I call them hot flashes, my husband calls then temperature tantrums!

Ever watched Have I Got News For You? And then smirked at the ridiculous passtimes of the obviously ludicrous producers of the magazines in the slot 'this weeks guest publication,' it might be something like 'Bottle Tops Monthly' or 'Befriending Sheep on a Budget.' 

Well I was reminded of the above when I was caught engrossed in a recent study published in the journal "Menopause" And yes there is more to know about the subject other than
are you going commando or packing some HRT protection??

Soooo….about 80% of women suffer hot flashes going through the menopause…..if you are menopausily unaffected you can switch page now but those of us who have been or will be soon know that they are not just
'Oooh goodness gracious me, is it a little warm in here?' They are unfairly flippin' frightening, intense and totally uncomfortable. 
A photo of hudson from Aliens

Having just experienced the first……hence the google research!……whilst lying in bed reading a book and relaxing, this fire storm crashed into my toes and thundered upwards exploding out the top of my head….No, don't call me a drama queen!! I thought I was having a panic attack whilst simultaneously observing in the voice of Hudson from Aliens 'What the **** is happening, man?'

So for the hypnosis part of the above title, which explains why this is here in this blog and not just some icky facebook status update……Hypnotherapy has been proven to reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flushes….Oh Yeah!

2 groups of women, one group given weekly info and advice sessions for 5 weeks and the other group given hypnotherapy weekly for 5 weeks. 

Twelve weeks later, the hypnosis group was found to have had 75% fewer hot flashes, while the control group only reported 13% fewer. The hypnosis group also reported an 80% decrease in frequency and severity of the hot flashes, while the control group only reported a 15% decrease.

The skin conductance monitors found a 57% lower rate of hot flashes among the hypnosis group, compared with a 10% reduction for the control group. The hypnosis group was also found to sleep better and have less disruption in their lives compared with the control group. The hypnosis group reported being happy with the method of treatment. 

How hypnosis helps hot flashes is still not certain, but the researchers explained that it may be due to the fact that hypnosis can boost the function of the parasympathetic nerve system, which plays a part in hot flashes.

Full Article http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/251956.php