A little bit about the aims of this course

There are some wonderful healthy eating programmes out there, fabulous ones really, the big two being Slimming World and Weightwatchers.

And all of us who have wanted to manage our weight at one time or another have tried these and other diets with varying degrees of success.

Lots of times people have reached their goals and have then found themselves putting all of that lost weight back on and usually more. And it gets harder does it not?

The truth is that it takes time and commitment, weeks and maybe months of feeling like you are denying yourself the foodstuffs that you really crave, and if you've tasted success and then failed to keep the weight off, the thought of starting from scratch again isn’t so exciting is it? it just seems like hard work.

The truth is that we all have loads of determination to start off with, we know just how we would like to look and feel by such and such a date. We’re motivated and interested in the new recipe ideas and the regime and the support of the group we belong to....but after a while a bad day, or week, the old habits slip in and we’ve put some weight back on and then we get disappointed in ourselves. Thinking something like “well that’s just me isn't it? blown it again,” and then we just let ‘everything hang out’! There’s always that little nagging voice saying ‘I’ll start again tomorrow,’ or the next day...or the next day...or the next day..

In this 6 week course I will not be telling you how to eat, you all know what or how much to eat better than me. What we will be doing is taking the stress out of the whole thing. We will be taking care of those cravings. We will be employing some techniques of gastric band hypnosis to shrink that stomach so that you are satisfied and feel fuller with smaller portions. We will be increasing your motivation and will power, your self belief and soon the whole ‘making healthier’ choices will become second nature. They will become the new habits. We will be employing that unconscious mind to realise those goals instead of sabotaging with those old outdated ideas. Because it’s true, is it not? That you eat that bar of chocolate or those crisps or that unhealthy thing and within a few minutes think ‘what did I do that for?’ ‘I wasn't hungry’ or find yourself wandering into the kitchen opening the fridge or the cupboard doors looking for something to pick at, all without thinking about what you are doing at all.

So that’s a little info about what we will be doing to make this whole healthy eating thing a long term reality. You will have our support, maybe you’d like to do it with friends or make some new ones along the way, you will have therapy tracks to continue your success at home in your own ‘cozy zone’...so what do you think?

Shall we do this? once and for all - Together.

You know that internal argument that goes on inside your head....does it go something like this?

When your conscious mind (cm) and unconscious mind (um) nearly but never quite agree...

Week 1

cm: Well definitely starting a diet today, what do you think?
um: Yeah, fab idea, knock yourself out!

Week 2
cm: What shall we have lunch?
um: Ooooh got a hankering for a latte and a danish
cm: Can't fool, we're on a diet!!
um: *imitates John McEnroe* Aw man you cannot be serious, we did that last week!

Week 3
um: Seriously I feel faint, I need chocolate...
cm: *crosses arms* Not happening and stop whining
um: Pleeeease...just one bit then I'll be good I promise...
A whole bar and a weekend off later..
cm: What is wrong with me????
um: Heehee

A month later...
cm: Well definitely starting diet today, what do you think?
um: *looks up knowingly* Yeah fab idea, knock yourself out!

Sound familiar?
The Super Slim Hypnotherapy Group Course releases your unconscious blocks to success, boosts willpower and motivation, so that every part of you can fabulously and effortlessly become just how you want to be.

Super Slim Group Hypnotherapy Course

Course Reviews

"I was unsure whether to book this or not as I'm not a very relaxed person, so I was dubious if it would work or not.
The first session was great, I came out feeling refreshed and a lot more positive. I could see different changes in my behaviour as the weeks progressed. After our 4th session I was curious to see if Id lost weight so I got on the scales and had lost 1 stone. I have even been doing short runs which I would never have thought of doing before I started this course. My portions sizes are smaller. I haven't had one packet of crisps which was my biggest problem and not even wanted one. I haven't snacked between meals or even wanted chocolate anymore. Ive really enjoyed these sessions and I don't feel like I'm on a diet.
Tracy is fantastic, friendly, caring and very welcoming. I would definitely recommend this course."

"Thank you so much-it's been life changing and for the first time ever, I like 'me."

"It's been the confidence with this that got me through! I'm a totally different person to six weeks ago! It's thanks to you - I like myself now and I like my life,  after all I've been through!!  I've dropped weight (not lost coz then that means I will go looking for it) but food is not my crutch and that's the difference now - and that's thanks to YOU xx"

"Can I say thank you so much for those six weeks. I'm continuing with my weight loss slowly, which is how I wanted it to be, but the thing I got out of those six weeks, apart from meeting some lovely girls who are now friends, was I finally feel like myself again. I walk around tall, smiling, and have accepted myself for who I am. The weight is not important, I am! I'm training really hard with PT sessions, classes and running and these make me feel great and give myself time for me.
I have given your number out to several people and I can assure you, if I ever feel that things are getting me down again I will not hesitate to call you. The relaxation and escape that comes with the hypnotherapy is something I'll now always turn to if needed.
So thank you again Tracy. The fact that you made us all feel so comfortable, that our deepest troubles could be shared and dealt with, the encouragement we got from you helped us all achieve our self worth and that you listened but never judged us... And I think you're fab!"
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